Monday, April 12, 2010


My best friend "Strange Attractor" is mostly comfortable and content in palliative care. As I have been told "Just because you know I'm going to smash your face with this baseball bat it doesn't mean it won't hurt." Even though I know he is soon to leave his body it already hurts like nothing I have ever felt. "Ken, I'll be on the dock soon with a few beers and I promise I'll finish yours for you if need be. I am looking forward to having many long, thoughtful and humorous conversations with you, especially about myeloma. Sometimes I'm a little hard to get through to so don't give up on me! Even though I won't always respond know that I love you."

To add to all the emotion I had a 15-20% improvement in my myeloma markers last month. One of my most humorous and enjoyable months on chemo in the past 4+ years.

Life can be quite a ride at times.


Margaret said...

Oh LPC, I am so terribly sorry to hear about your friend...a big hug to you and your sweetie. So sorry...
Florence, Italy

Lorna said...

I cannot even start to imagine how tough it must be to be stuck on both sides of the myeloma fence. As a caregiver I tend to show my partner the "good news" blogs for fear of scaring him. I too would like to say sorry, but it doesn't really convey the depth of feeling though.

Susie Hemingway said...

So sorry to read your latest post, how tough this all must be for you but some good news at least with the latest improvements - keep it up.